• Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters Logo
  • Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters Custom Alphabet
  • Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters T-Shirt Design

Dynasty Marine has been providing marine animals to aquariums and zoos for more than 30 years. When they finally decided to open an aquarium of their own, they had a vision to build not just an aquarium, but a truely interactive facility that will feature diving with animals, touch tanks, and even shark feeding!

I’ll spell it out for you: The concept behind Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters displays a variety of sea life in custom letterforms. In addition to the logo itself, we developed a full alphabet (or as I like to call it, an Aquabet) using animals they’ll feature at the facility, so they could truly brand the facility.

The client really got a two-for out of the logo project. During the logo presentation, had a difficult time choosing between concepts. As a solution, they decided to use the second favorite concept (featuring a school of fish with the silhouette of a shark popping out of the negative space) as a t-shirt graphic.