• Women's Giving Alliance logo
  • Weaver Philanthropic Initiative logo
  • Donors Forum of Northeast Florida logo
  • The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida logo

When The Community Foundation in Jacksonville changed its name to The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, it also wanted to change its identity. The Community Foundation is celebrating 50 years of service to the Northeast Florida community and needed to freshen up its logo.

The solution became a colorful and current logo that speaks to both its past and future. The Community Foundation and its clients are giving back to the community; they are also giving to the future of the community. The mobius knot icon represents the perpetuity of the charities and organizations it serves—now and forever.

In addition to the organization logo, each of The Community Foundation’s key initiatives require their own identities: the Weaver Philanthropic Initiative, the Women’s Giving Alliance and the Donors Forum. Each is distinct but also has at least one element, like color or typeface, that ties back to the original parent logo, so they fit together as a family.